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My passion for all things health & fitness has been a long standing affair! I have always been active for as long as i can remember i was always sporty as a child an avid participant in athletics and school sports. This increasingly continued over the years to become my lifestyle and my passion which was intensified when I was introduced to the gym in my early twenties, I loved weight training and how it made me feel - fit and strong, like i could take on the world! I became fascinated by how you could physically transform your body composition with good nutrition, resistance training and cardio vascular exercise which led me to become a natural figure competitor where I qualified through UKBFF & NABBA body building association regional competitions to compete in 2 x British Nationals in 2012/13 Fitness and exercise is just my thing. It continues to be my personal passion and I am committed to learning more everyday - I love the energy, physical and mental strength and resilience it provides and how it makes me feel. It's part of my everyday lifestyle - my go to vice and i'm passionate about motivating inspiring and sharing with others the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle Keep moving forwards, step by step in whatever way that works for you ... It's all progress! :-)