The revolution of steam cleaning: Leading every clean to going green

If you’re the kind of person who loves to learn the stories behind how we got to where we are today, then you’re going to enjoy our little look back to where the steam cleaner first came from. So, let’s see when a mop and bucket failed to cut it, and how steam became the ultimate cleaning solution…

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How to Keep Your Home Safe & Kill Germs Without Chemicals

The Covid-19 epidemic has got us all upping our cleaning game, and rightly so. Many of us are spending more time in our homes than we probably ever imagined, which means cleaning needs to be kept on top of more regularly, too. And as we’re now much more aware (and admittedly afraid) of germs, it’s tempting to reach for the strongest chemical cleaning agents we can find. But, while we’re advocates for deep cleaning, we’re also really passionate about environmentally friendly cleaning too. Which means ditching the harsh chemicals and using eco-friendly alternatives that are just as effective.

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Coronavirus: Protecting Your Family & Home

Coronavirus (COVID-19): How to protect yourself, your family and your home

The ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus is leading people to become more cleanliness and hygiene conscious – as well as prompting people to ‘panic’ buy cleaning products.

So, we wanted to help put your mind at rest and inform you of the most effective ways to protect yourself and others, plus tell you about the best cleaning solutions for sanitising your home.

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How to Fight Flu Season With the H2O e3 Cleaning System

If you haven’t fallen ill this winter, you’re one of the lucky few. It’s the time of year, when the common cold and seasonal flu start to rear their ugly heads.

People tend to get ill in winter, as the harsh weather plays havoc on our immune system, which means viruses spread and multiply easily. But that’s not the only reason. The cold weather also forces people to stay inside, in enclosed spaces, which increases the chances of infection.

These germs can spread like wildfires, whether it’s from person to person or from touching unclean surfaces. And once one family member gets the sniffles or that chesty cough, before you know it, your whole household has fallen victim.

Flu season is more than a nuisance, it can affect your livelihood too. It’s one of the main reasons why children miss school and adults miss work during winter months.

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Top 5 reasons to use eco-friendly cleaners

Top 5 reasons to use eco-friendly cleaning products

We are now more than ever aware of the health and environmental impacts of the products we buy and use.

Shoppers are continuing to question the need for chemicals in cleaning solutions. So, it’s no surprise that there’s been a rise in the demand of green cleaning solutions in recent years.

Green cleaning products only use environmentally friendly ingredients, which means they’re free from harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances and artificial colours. Many green cleaning products are only made up of solutions containing all-natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar or lemons.

If you’re not totally sold on the idea of using eco-friendly cleaning products, maybe we can give you a little nudge in the greener direction.

Here are 5 reasons why you should become more environmentally conscious when cleaning your home.

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Go Green When You Clean with the H2O e3™

What is green cleaning?

Green cleaning is the use of cleaning products that are made from environmentally friendly ingredients. These products don’t include harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances or artificial colours. For some homeowners, green cleaning means only using solutions made up of natural ingredients like natural salt, vinegar or lemons.

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Why Triple-Action Electrolysed Water (S-Water™) is Such an Effective Green Cleaner

Have you ever picked up a bottle of household cleaner and felt like you need a chemistry degree to understand the ingredients? Ever wonder whether there was a way to keep your home clean without drenching it in chemicals? Well, there is something we’ve found to be really effective not just at cutting through grease but sanitizing and even deodorising your home as well. We call it S-Water™. But it’s more commonly known as electrolysed water.

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How to Keep Your Bedroom Germ-Free the Green Way

The H2O range are the perfect cleaning products to help you keep your bedroom free from germs & bacteria!

You and your family will be spending more time indoors over the coming weeks or months to avoid coming into contact with people who potentially have Coronavirus.

We know that viruses can spread from person to person, but you can also pick up virus molecules from touching a contaminated surface and then touching our face.

New research has suggested that Coronavirus can survive on different surfaces for days. So it’s important to clean and sanitise not only ‘high traffic’ areas like your kitchen, living room and bathroom, but also your bedroom where germs and bacteria may be harbouring.

Here’s some helpful info on how to clean your bedroom, so you can rest easy knowing you and your family are safe.

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How to Keep Your Living Room Germ-Free the Green Way

The H2O e3 is the perfect way to sanitise, clean and deodorise your home

The Government has put new rules in place. We must stay at home in order to take pressure off medical professionals and protect each other from the spread of Coronavirus.

This means your living room will be seeing a lot more activity than usual this spring. Whether it’s the place where you’ll be working from home, carrying out exercise routines or simply spending time with your family – we’ve got the solution you need to keep your space clean and hygienic.

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How to Keep Your Bathroom Germ-Free the Green Way

The H2O e3 Cleaning System - Effective, Economical & Eco-Friendly for Every Job, Every Day & Everywhere

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to develop, we’re talking you through some of the best solutions for keeping your home clean and hygienic, so you can protect yourself and others.

In our article How to keep your kitchen germ-free the green way, we told you that germs can spread in two ways. Either from person to person, or by touching unclean surfaces and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

As well as your kitchen, you should also put your efforts into cleaning your bathroom. This is because they have many high traffic areas that can enable virus molecules to spread. What’s more, they are in nature damp and warm places, making them the perfect playground for pathogens to multiply.

Here’s how you can keep your bathroom germ-free the green way:

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