If you’ve read a magazine, browsed a health or fitness blog or been on social media in the last few years you will have not been able to miss the word Collagen. Not the new kid on the block by any means but certainly one that looks strong enough to stick around!

What is Collagen?

Termed by some as ‘the scaffolding to the body’ or the ‘glue that holds the body together’ we know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and that it gives hydration and elasticity to the skin. From the age of 30 our bodies natural supply of collagen starts to slow off which is why we start to have less smoothness in the skin and wrinkles arrive.

How to take?

There are two main types of Collagen in supplements bovine (cow) and marine (fish) so this isn’t a vegan friendly routine.  There are powders, sachets, even liquid shots of collagen on the market each with benefits and negatives.

Regenecoll made all decisions based on making it as easy as possible to work into your daily routine, knowing that to see the results it had to become second nature. They have also focused on being as planet friendly as possible, all collagen is sourced from wild caught and sustainable fish and is a biproduct (meaning the rest of the fish is also used, not just caught for this). The collagen sachets are 100% dissolvable and tasteless – mix them into anything! Water – Done, coffee – Done, Porridge – yup, soup, curry, smoothie, even into a cake. Two 5,000mg sachets a day (yes both can be taken at the same time) and that’s it.

All the same?

Like most things in life not all collagen is created equal. Be sure to check the facts before you subscribe to a new routine. For example, in order for the collagen to be absorbed into your body it will need to be hydrolysed – if this isn’t done the molecules are too big to be absorbed. Check the number of grams or milligrams, studies only seem to start at around 8,000mg per day so any less and you aren’t necessarily taking what you need.

Regenecoll funded a clinical study which found that there was in increase in skin hydration of over 30% – this was over ann 8-week period and that’s 10,000mg per day. This isn’t a miracle overnight fix, which is why the Glow (8 week routine) offers the best value and results.

After about 3 weeks the sachets were completely part of my daily routine, I’d had it in my morning coffee or smoothie (depending on how good I was being that day!) my nails were the first thing I noticed. I don’t think they have ever been naturally longer than about .5cm, they felt stronger and strangely, smoother! By week 5 my shower was thanking me, I was genuinely noticing less hair coming out in the shower. I have big curly hair and could fill a hairbrush in a week with what I was losing before, this was a huge difference for me. I’m just coming up to week 8 now and feel like I have a bit of a glow, my partner even commented on my skin looking better yesterday. If after 8 weeks you don’t feel the difference, there is no harm in stopping…but I very much doubt you will want to. Get your Glow on!

–  Laura (Regenecoll user)

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