If you’re the proud owner of a FlavorStone pan, you’re going to love this. We’ve created the world’s only die-cast pan, with a Flavorstone finish. It’s called FlavorCast and it gives you two brilliant benefits.

Firstly, it’s a die cast pan, similar to the cast iron cookware trusted by chefs the world over for their ability to heat evenly and lock in flavour. Yet it’s made from poured aluminium, rather than cast iron, which means its much lighter and more affordable than traditional cast iron pans. Even better, it’s super-durable, meaning you’ll be able to cook with it year after year after year. And that’s not all…

The FlavorCast pan is the only die-cast pan in the world to be coated with the legendary FlavorStone non-stick finish. It means you can cook with practically no oil at all, as any food you cook simply glides off the surface. Pasta sauce, melted cheese, fried eggs… whatever you cook will simply slip out of the pan. It makes serving your favourite dishes a breeze. Plus, your FlavorCast pan is easy to clean, too – you can give it a quick wipe out with nothing more than a damp cloth.

Your FlavorCast pan is dishwasher safe, too   

If you prefer to use a dishwasher rather than do the washing up, that’s totally fine. As well as being super-easy to wipe clean by hand, your FlavorCast pan is also dishwasher-safe. Whereas some cast iron cooking pots can deteriorate in the dishwasher, your FlavorCast die cast pan is made of sterner stuff. So, you can choose to either rinse it by hand or just tuck it into the dishwasher and it will come out looking as good as new.

Your FlavorCast pan is super-lightweight

If you’ve ever picked up any cast iron cookware you’ll know, it can be pretty heavy! In fact, the average cast iron pan weighs around 3kg – that’s the same as 3 bags of sugar! Yet that’s not the case with your FlavorCast pan. For example, the FlavorCast die cast saute pan weighs less than 500g.

Your FlavorCast pan distributes heat evenly so you can cook better

If you’ve ever bought a cheap frying pan and tried to cook, say, a fillet of fish or a steak, you’ll know it can often go wrong. You end up charring the outside while the interior of the fillet stays raw. With the FlavorCast pan that’s never an issue. The extra thick die-cast pan base is super-conductive, so it cooks evenly – no hotspots. Your steaks come out juicy and succulent, while fish cooks perfectly without drying out.

Your FlavorCast pan comes with a cool-touch detachable handle

The ergonomically designed, cool-touch, removable handle is perfectly balanced to make cooking easier. You can start frying on the hob, then transfer effortlessly to the oven. Then, when your dish is ready, you can transfer the whole FlavorCast die cast pan direct to your table-top, so that the whole family can tuck in. The handle is magnetic, too. So, you can keep a spoon attached to the pan for seasoning and tasting as you cook.

Your FlavorCast pan is stackable, so it saves on space

Some cast iron cookware can take up a lot of room, leading to overcrowded pan drawers and cupboards. But that’s not a problem with the FlavorCast die cast cookware. They’re cleverly designed to be 100% stackable. It means you can grow your FlavorCast die cast pan collection knowing they’re not going to take up much space in your kitchen.

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